Central air-conditioning, also referred to as just central air, distributes cold air throughout a home through a duct system. Some central air systems can also dehumidify air, which is a great feature for any Tampa Air Conditioning system. With lower humidity you can eliminate the dampness in cooler areas of the house.   Typical installation costs can run from around $4,000 if there is an existing duct system, upwards of $11,000 if a new duct needs to be installed. The cost of central air installation could be more expensive than the above stated prices depending on factors such as the age of the home and local climate. Call us for a free estimate.

Tampa mini split ductless air conditioner

Mini Ductless Split System Air Conditioning may be an Alternative for Tampa homes with no duct work.

Generally, usual installation of a central air conditioner is what’s called a split-system. In this setup the compressor (which cools the air) is located outside and the air handler unit (which distributes the cooled air throughout the house) is located indoors. Though less popular, homeowners also have the option of a package system in which the compressor and air handler are placed together, usually on the ground or roof.  A relatively recent advancement in central air conditioning is the mini-split system, also known as the ductless mini-split system. Theoretically it is not the same as central air, although installing several can serve the same function. This ductless system is ideal for older homes that don’t have duct work installed. It is also great for cooling areas up to about 1,200 square feet. The cost for the system and installation will generally run about $4,000. Again, call us for a  free personalized recommendation that takes into consideration all of your specific needs.

A ductless, mini-split system is absolutely a cheaper option for an older home without existing duct work. Also, it can be less expensive to run in some cases. Take advantage of new 2010 federal government legislation which offers tax rebates up to $1,500 for a new, energy-efficient cooling system. Using Energy Star rated products also will decrease the cost of running your central air conditioners over the years you own your home. Installing central air or a mini-split system will increase the value of your home, especially in Florida.

The major difference between the two systems, besides the aforementioned cost comes down to personal preference. If you are ok with cooling certain rooms and not others, go with a mini ductless. However, if you want your entire home cooled and less humid, Central Air is the way to go. Our Tampa area staff are familiar with the unique climate and building considerations that must be made when deciding what type of air conditioning system is right for each situation. We  will send a certified technician out to your home to evaluate your needs and discuss options and pricing, at no cost. Call us today and start getting cool!