Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Use these tips to help your air conditioner run more efficiently and save money!

Air conditioning systems have evolved in the last few years.  They now have AC’s with variable speed fans which provide precision cooling and quieter fans. There are energy efficient AC units which promise higher energy efficiency, colder air and monetary savings. Lastly, there is zone heating and cooling. This feature is one of the best advancements in heating and cooling, where warm or cool air is managed in various rooms by a centralized panel for higher efficiency. These features mean new requirements for maintenance and repair of air conditioning units, especially in areas like Tampa, Fl., where it can be hot and humid year round.

Keeping your AC unit well maintained will cost you some of out-of-pocket money, but in the long run you will save BIG. Here are some tips to keep your cooling system running efficiently and effectively.

Try not to run your AC constantly. Understanding that in the summer months, temperatures in Tampa can be overwhelming, during the spring and fall months, try using a fan to keep cool, when the temperatures are generally a bit milder. This will give your AC a longer lifespan.
Keep the air filters clean! This point cannot be stressed enough. If the filter is laden with dust and debris, the unit will have to work much harder to output cold air, in turn exhausting the system and eventually breaking it. Clean the filter weekly, removing it and gently washing it with warm water. Change the filter every three months. Since Floridians run their AC’s year round, more attention to the filter is needed than those people living in cooler climates.

Change your Tampa Air Conditioner Filter

Change your Air Conditioner Filter and save Money.

If you see that your unit is struggling to provide a strong, cool output of air, it is time to call a professional. This is a necessary cost, especially for Central AC units. To install a new central air system is far more expensive than calling in the pros. Compare cost of a professional visit versus that of a new unit. For mini ductless and window units, it might just be time for a new unit, but CALL FIRST, it may just be a simple fix.

For a free estimate, call Tampa Air Conditioning, which serves all of Tampa, Fl., and the surrounding areas. We promise to always be on time and available for any questions or problems. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all of your air conditioning and heating needs.